Councils and Commissions

Pastoral Council

The St. Joseph Pastoral Council is a community of servant leaders involved in advisory decisions made through a process of spiritual formation, prayful discernment, and consultative dialogue regarding matters of pastoral concern.  The Pastoral Council shall consider how the mission of the church can best be carried out by the parish and promote the essential ministries of the parish: proclaiming the Word, building up the body of Christ, serving those in need, and celebrating liturgy.  Members shall be chosen through a process of Biblical Selection and shall serve for a three year term.

Pastoral Council Charter

Stewardship Council 

All that we have are gifts from God (Roman 2:24). God, in turn, asks us to be good stewards of these gifts (1 Peter 4:10). We, as individuals and together as a parish community, are accountable for nurturing these gifts, while generously sharing them with others—family, friends and others in the community and the world (Luke 16:2).

Finance Council

The St. Joseph Finance Council is a select group of parishioners known for their spiritual maturity and love of Christ and the Church.  Endowed with special competence in financial and business matters and of prudent judgment, members of the Finance Council offer their time and talents in Christian service to assist the pastor with the development and management of the parish's financial resources so that the parish may effectively pursue its proper mission of spreading Christ's Gospel and love.